Celtic Bolt

 "The Mystical Speedster"

Archetype: Catalyst Hero/Leader/Speedster/Mystical/Sage.

Don't blink or you just might miss him. Celtic Bolt is a mystic speedster and a practitioner of the lost art of magic. Using his powers and his understanding of a time and place sandwiched between the pages of history and myth, he carries not only the fate of the world on his shoulders, but an entire legacy dating back countless eons.

Celtic Bolt is the willing hero, think of Robert the Bruce or Arthur, both characters displayed a williness to become a heroic symbol in their own stories. Celtic Bolt acts as an elder to most of the other team members and a natural born leader. Even though, he does not take ownership or leadership within the ranks of Alpha Watch. It’s true that speedsters are usually a generic type but Celtic Bolt adds a new twist to the archetype. Instead of using a mutant gene or the time force to achieve this ability, Celtic Bolt taps into and absorbs the mystical force of True magic that enables him to run faster than any man or woman alive. When his power is active a fiery green aura is seen around his hands, which is also from where he fires some of that True magic energy that he has at his command. A side effect and an uncommon physical feature from contact with True magic is Celtic Bolt’s hair which appears green which is styled in a ponytail with grey aged templates indicating his real age.

The Mystical Speedster.
Player: TBD
Personal Data
Real Name: Alan Stewart
Known Aliases: CB. The Running Man
Species: Human
Age: 50
Height: 6 Feet
Weight: 172
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Grey and green when power active
Biographical Data
Origin: Magic
Identity: TBD
Nationality: Scottish
Place of Birth: Isle of Avalon
Base of Operations: The Citadel. New Haven.
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Ms Bolt


Celtic Bolt is very approachable. He is like your cool Uncle or older Brother that you can talk to. He has grown into a charismatic leader and is very experienced as a hero, having worked with various heroes throughout his career. A lot of his leadership abilities and traits have come about because of his memories given to him from past “Running Men” transferred when he first wore the Gloves. He owns and runs an old Curio shop (called “Beyond Avalon”). He collects old curios. These curios are mainly made up of objects of magic, arcane and supernatural origin.


“The Running Men”:

There came a reason, eons ago that Masters of magic had to tap into the True magic energy to protect the peoples from the Old Enemy and maybe those unforeseen new enemies to come. So in a chosen place of the greatest magic power and using the most powerful magic spells. They created thirteen powerful magic artifacts. The True magic Masters then called upon the thirteen peoples to send their one chosen hero for each of the artifacts. Each people heard and sent their hero, the first to come where the:

Long haired Celtic trackers from the Isle of Power (Gloves, red mask).

Giant bearded fighters from the frozen North (Sword, grey mask).

The gentle nomadic healers (Staff, white mask).

Tall spear-men from the hot sands of the South (Spear, black mask).

Blood skinned fire walkers from the first twin city (crystal, dark red mask).

The flat nose traders from the East (Bracers, gold mask).

The silent hidden people from the jungle (Cloak, purple mask).

Animal shifters from the plains (Belt, bright green mask).

The longbow hunters from the forests (Bow, golden mask).

The sea riders from the West (Net, blue mask).

The formidable knights from the stone walled city (Shield, silver mask).

The short builders from the hills (Hammer, brown mask).

All but one of the peoples answered the call, these where the blood skinned Warriors from the second twin city (Helligan). They had become corrupted and allied themselves with the Old Enemy.

The Masters that made these artifacts did so with their final breath, their last final sacrifice. Doing so enabled this pure True magic to be connected to these thirteen artifacts. Only twelve artifacts were given to the twelve chosen people. The Thirteenth artifact has long been lost and forgotten to memory.

Those chosen originally had to have the inherent ability to absorb large amounts of magic energy. This is so they can absorb the artifacts initial gifted Power of Speed as much as possible, the higher their absorption ability the greater the Power of Speed, and the better the ability and knowledge gained,so they could better use the artifact effectively. Once a connection is made memories are taken and stored within the artifact, so future “Running Men” would know the reason why they fought and be able to use the artifact power.

The other reason the chosen person needed this ability was to become a conduit, to be able to charge and recharge the artifact. That person’s inherent power will absorb the magic energy around into themselves, which is then absorbed or transferred from the owner of the artifact to the artifact it self-acting as a source of power for the artifact. The greater the absorber then more energy could be used to power the artifact.

The name “The Running Men” stems from their initial gifted power to run fast. Fast enough to get to the location when the great danger or evil finally came, no matter where or how far away, as the peoples where shattered across the known world. The ability of the Power of Speed is a magical gift, given to all “Running Men” when first they take up the mantel of that times peacekeeper (usually when they first make contact with an artifact). Only people attuned to magic and of true heart and pure values were chosen first. Better to wield this power for good. However over time this has changed because the original twelve returned to their own lands, to defend their own people. And over time these artifacts where used for various reasons and have been past to different people and moved across this world with some having been corrupted by evil. And finally becoming distance memories for the most part.

Once you are connected you are given the memories of those previously chosen as a “Running Man” (those connected to your artifact). This is to help with taking on the responsibility and controlling the powers that comes with it. There is a drawback that the old memories and the new memories may sometimes intertwine with each other. Blurring what is real and what is not.

As a badge of honor all “Running Men” are given a mask to wear, each one different for the twelve people. This is to identify them as chosen“Running Men” (see paraphernalia below).

Corrupted artifacts used will always corrupt the user and their memories. You will not know the artifact is corrupted until you use it. Whether it is feasible to cleanse the artifacts once corrupted is not known. Only pure powerful magic would be capable of doing this.

Overtime the transference of the Power of Speed ability to the user has waned or has been drained, so not all “Running Men” will have the same power or degree of “Power of Speed” and some might have none at all. As it stands today the current owner and artifact will have a different amount of ability depending whether they are been used by a natural absorber of magic energy. As all flesh has a degree of been able to absorb magic energy many people can be at some level a conduit.

The twelve “The Running Men” combined together for one final stand only just managed to destroy the Old Enemy (story to follow maybe).

Places of Power: There are places within our Universe that are strong with magic energy. Many of these places are familiar to use, even if there true nature is not. Many of these places have been built on throughout different times in our history, but the power has always been at their center. Sometimes man knew why they built were they did but most other times the connection has never made. Places such as;Stonehenge, Tintagel, the Coliseum, the Eiffel Tower and the Temple of Artemis to name but a few.

The Twelve Artifacts of Power: The artifacts were at first objects connected to the twelve peoples. However over time it has been the need to transfer the power to other newer more modern objects. Any transfers may reduce the artifacts power. The transfers can only happen because of unrepairable damage or imminent destruction and the artifact and not the owner will make this happen. It is said that if an artifact is destroyed and because of the connection to its owner there is a massive damaging feedback directed at the owner, normally fatal. The artifacts are very strong been protected by a magic energy aura, but coming up against a powerful enough enemy can damage or destroy the artifact. They are also now in modern times very vulnerable to technological weapons. There is a general weakened ability to non organic enemies.

All artifacts must recharge when overly used. Recharge is firstly by leaving the artifact to naturally absorb the True magic energy from its owner, who also would need to absorb more magic energy. A full recharge can take a couple of hours. The closer to places of power the quicker the recharge time.Secondly; by using a direct magic energy recharge, given to the owner by another magic user. Like a jump start.

Fighting for too long and any sustained attacks are not good as the artifact will absorb more energy from the owner to keep the protection field up, and so weakening the owner. Eventually the owner will be drained and therefore useless.

All artifacts have within them the memories of their previous owners.

Overtime the True magic energy within these artifacts has waned or has been drained, so not all owners will have the same power or degree of power of the original owner. Normally an artifact owner gets to use only one artifact. This is become they could become overwhelmed by the memories, power and energies within or be drained to quickly and so die. Only the current owner can use the artifact. If they die then it can be used again by the new owner.

These artifacts can be corrupted themselves if used for evil for too long. Corrupted artifacts used will corrupt the user and their memories.You will not know the artifact is corrupted until it is used (maybe a very powerful magic user could sense something wrong?).

Here is a list of known artifacts, their abilities as each can do different things and their current (possible) owners. I will further expand each items history if and when they are introduced and connected to a character:

Gloves: Magic energy damage (Ranged) Celtic Bolt.

Belt: Transformation. Unknown owner.

Cloak: Illusion. Lord Henry Masters, Master of Illusion.

Shield: Magic energy protection force field. Found and recovered, now hidden.

Sword: Magic energy damage (melee) the Helligan Devloq, a sword wielding battle-mage. (Corrupted).

Staff: Healing and Second sight. Unknown owner.

Crystal: Energy draining. Unknown owner.

Bow: Unknown. (possible Recurve)

Unknown: Transferred from the Net: Entanglement.Unknown owner.

Watch: Transferred from the Bracers: Persuasion. Lady Jessica Masters, Head of TIC. (Corrupted)

Spear: Unknown Power. Unknown owner.

Unknown: Transferred from the Hammer: Earth Control. Unknown owner.

The Fabled Thirteenth Artifact: Lost.

Note: I wanted the unknown to be something ultra modern, like a mobile phone, ipad or something like that.

Powers and Equipment:


Inherent: Alan Stewart’s inherent ability is that of a magic energy absorber and locator.

He is a very powerful absorber able to naturally absorb magic energy to a much greater degree than normal beings. If he concentrates hard enough he can quicken this absorption time. But this works best the closer he is to a Place of Power.

His weaker secondary power as a locator enables him to locate magic, arcane or supernatural matter. This is whether it is an object, person,creature, place or auras left by the use of magic. This is how he located his artifact and absorbed the memories and is able to use the artifact, and why he is aware of other artifacts.

Power of Speed: Gifted magically to him when he first connected to his Gloves. He can run at the fastest speed required to get to the danger. The initial speed granted depends on how charged the artifact was on first connection. He was lucky as his artifact was fully charged maybe that was why he was drawn to it. How fast he could really run at has not yet been discovered. The power is constant until it is used. Once he has used the energy, through the speed he runs at and how long he runs for,he will begin to run slower until he himself can recharge and build up that energy within him again to be able to run at his fastest speed. Recharge is through his inherent natural power of absorption of magic energy; this natural recharge usually takes a good couple of hours. Unless done so near a source of magic energy,like a place of power. CB has a very good map of locations of such places of power which he has gathered over time. Recharge can also take place through a direct energy recharge given by a magic energy user. Like a jump start.

True Magic Energy: The True magic energy that he absorbs is found almost everywhere around us (there are however many black spots), it can be found in stronger quantities in various locations, and these locations are called Places of Power. Magic energy is connected and flows through the ley-lines that crisis-cross throughout the world from these Places of Power, like the power lines across country. These ley-lines are alignments of a number of places of geographical interest, such as ancient monuments and megaliths and places of magic or arcane power. The nearer he is to these places or lines the quicker he is able to absorb magic energy and so recharge himself and so the artifact.Once his energy has been used he will have to recharge more. This takes time to build up again and so will leave him vulnerable to most attacks. He will fight at normal speed and have no energy weapons. So he has to be prudent in his use of this energy. Use up to much and he could be in trouble.

Note on his True Magic Energy: True magic is an ancient (some say the oldest) form of magic. This magic energy some believe helped to create this world. When man finally evolved enough he learned how to use this energy form any reasons. Over time because of mans development this understanding slowly became mostly forgotten. Only a few still remember the old ways and are still able to tap into this True magic energy. What they do with it can be many different things. It is the source of their power so that enables them to perform what most view as magic. As it stands this power is how CB views what he does. His main powers stem from the True magic artifact he owns.

Weakness: He is not sure whether his powers would work outside of this realm or in outer space.Once his energy has been expelled from him or absorbed into an artifact he will have to recharge. This takes time to build up again and so will leave him vulnerable to most attacks as the protective energy field is weakest. So he has to be prudent in his use of this magic energy. Use up to much and he could,will be in trouble. If the artifact drains to much energy from the owner it could become life threatening. Draining to much energy will leave him weak and vulnerable. If he absorbs too much magic energy too quickly or in a very large quantity it could be highly dangerous to him and those around him, as there will be an uncontrollable and devastating discharge of this surplus energy.

He is not invulnerable and can take damage if hithard/powerful enough. He has a limited magic energy aura which is peniterableby various things. He can be attacked by powerful psychic attacks.

For some as yet unknown reason his energy bolts or blasts have a reduced effect on mechanical objects. He has been told by other magic based heroes that it maybe because most organic material has the ability to absorbed some amount of magic energy. So his energy cannot penetrate as easily through metal as they would do if it where into flesh. Any technology or mechanical enemies have an advantage over him.

High Metabolism(HM): This is a stable of most speedsters. He needs to eat (refuel) as soonas possible after a heavy running session. This is just general body fuel to keep him going and not related directly to his magic powers. Because of his HM his body will heal itself much faster than normal if he refuels enough. He can still suffer fatal injuries beyond his limited healing capacity.


Gloves: The gloves are made of normal leather material. They are black in color. The Gloves contain True magic energy. They have since their creation been worn through out history by a chosen “Running Man”. The Gloves main function is the channeling of True magic energy into a ranged magic energy weapon. This energy can be fired as bolts or blasts. They can also be used as a melee weapon, as they are protected by a magic energy field, but they are not as effective as a bolt. There may be other functions yet to be discovered.

Mask: Each chosen “Running Man” was given a mask as a badge of honor. So people knew what they represented. The masks are made of normal leather material and are different shapes and colors as was fitting to their people. His mask is red in color. Although strengthened by a magic protection field many of the masks have been destroyed or lost after many battles and struggles. Where possible it has been worn throughout history by the chosen “The Running Men”.

All masks have the following inbuilt magic powers when worn:

Charm (Persuasion, charisma); this is a magical aura that helps the wearer to lead men into battle. It also can protect against some low level magic psychic attacks. This persuasion ability also works well when interrogating villains; this ability reduces in affect depending on the super powered villain. His charm only works up close.This power is at its most powerful when he is wearing the mask. However overtime and use this ability has seeped into him, so he has a limited use of this ability, even when not wearing the mask.

Disguise; The limited ability to disguise the wearer (hence CB’s green pony tailed hair) to protect their true identity. His costume was created by the masks power of disguise. His costume has some good defensive resistance as it acts like a magic protection shield. It is less resistance against mechanical based things or technology based enemies.

Magic sight; this is the ability to see beings of magic, arcane or supernatural origin.


Blood Knight:



Ms. Bolt: Daughter

Capt. Avalon: Alan Stewarts younger brother. He has powers of invulnerability and Super Strength.

Lord Henry Masters: He is one of this world’s most powerful magic users. His main powers are illusion. He is known as the Master of Illusion. He is the owner of the Cloak artifact. He has no mask, but one of the cloaks illusion powers is the ability to put him into full disguise. Lord Henry Masters may turn out to be Alan Stewart’s father?

Humphrey Holdsworth: He runs “Beyond Avalon” when Alan is off on his adventures, both as CB and as an artifact hunter. His powers are an encyclopaedic knowledge of ancient lore. Not a necessarily a super power, he’s just very clever... or maybe he has...


Enemies: The Iniquity Covenant (TIC): A magic based villain group. This is a large worldwide secret society of magic believers or users, whose main aim is to gain power through control of all magic and magic artifacts in this world and possibly others. The core of this group is made up of mid level magic users. The inner circle of TIC is made up of a small group of high level magic users.

Lady Jessica Masters: Leader of TIC. Estranged wife of Lord Henry Masters. She is viewed by some as very powerful. She is the holder of the Ring artifact.

The Covenant Clan: This is their remaining members of TIC. They are mainly low level magic villains or henchmen dedicated to the cause.

The Helligan: Originally one of the thirteen peoples, but they became corrupted by the Old Enemy to fight on his side. The Old Enemy through powerful evil magic made them became inhuman, physically changing their appearance. They have been amongst us now for eons, but there numbers have declined to just a handful of the strongest remaining. In the past they have been mistaken for demons, devils, succubus and other supernatural creatures. Leaderless they roamed alone or in small groups, slowly been whittled down even more. Now, they are banded together to make themselves stronger. Today they are used as hired mercenaries. They augment their now weak magic abilities with the help of technology. It is rumored they are hunting for the missing Thirteenth artefact.

Slowdown: A mercenary villain. He has encountered CB on many occasions. His power is the control of a time manipulation field augumented by his chronometric suit. Anyone or thing entering this field will be affected and subject to having time slow down around them. He works better as part of a group as money is his goal and needs strong backup to support him.

Patricia Prentiss: The thief known as "The Whisper". She is renowned for stealing items of magic or arcane properties. She has dealings with TIC on a regular basis. CB and Alan Stewart have encountered her many times. She also has the inherent power of a locator, similar to Alan’s. She may possess an artifact.

The Old Enemy: The Old Enemy long ago was destroyed by the first twelve ” Running Men”. However, those magic users attuned to the old ways have sensed there is something dark and unstoppable coming. It is said that only the chosen twelve coming together will defeat the Old Enemy if he was to return.


1978: Alan Stewart is born on the remote Isle of Avalon,somewhere of the coast of Scotland.

1988: Alan Stewart’s ability to locate magic objects manifests itself.

1998: Alan Stewart becomes a successful archaeologist.

1999: Alan Stewart locates “The Running Man” Gloves and Mask while on a dig on his home Isle of Avalon. Because of his inherent magic absorption power he is able to have a powerful connection to the Gloves. Helearns to use the artifact and after getting the memories he decides to use this new found power for good. He learns of the other artifacts and their connection to each other. He finds out that some of the artifacts have been found but others are still missing. He knows he must find them and keep them safe or out of the wrong hands.

2000: Alan Stewart moves to America to better his connections in the underground artifacts world. He buys an old curio shop as cover. He employs Humphrey Holdsworth to run the shop while he is off on his adventures.

2000-2003: He uses his magic locator power to help find magic objects as part of his business. He also repatriates various stolen magic objects back to their country of origin. He encounters the criminal The Whisper for the first time. He also starts cleaning up his local neighborhood around his shop from petty criminals.

2003: CB becomes the Villain known as “Double Quick” (powerful magic persuasion). With the help of Lord Henry Masters he is able to gain better control of his masks power, with this new knowledge he overcomes this control.

2003: CB helps along with various other heroes with the clean up from the aftermath of the quake.

2003-2011: Takes part in various missions involving the Alpha Watch and other AWU heroes, including Blood Knight and Occult. It is at this time they learn of their connection to each other. He encounters the Helligans. He also encounters the villains Slowdown and Robot DAVE for the first time.

2011: CB leaves Alpha Watch on a sanctioned mission to locate an artifact. During this time it is his first encounter with the TIC and Lady Jessica Masters. With the help of Blood Knight, Occult and Lord Henry Masters he recovers the artefact. After this point he has clearly identified seven artifacts and their owners.

2011: CB returns to rejoin Alpha Watch.

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